Social media can be simple, authentic and fun.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube are wonderful places for artists and businesses to show their work.

That being said, wouldn't you like it to be easier to achieve your goals on social media?
More fun combined with better results?
All the work that goes into your feed, does it really express what your brand is all about?

We believe that your social media feed is not a CV.

It’s a place to make the stories you have to share come alive.

Two Things that make the Difference

Imagine you know exactly what you want to post next. You gain more followers naturally and they are truly interested in you and what you do.

You need two things to make it happen:

✔︎ your authentic story as a base for everything you post
✔︎ a tailored strategy that supports your content

Knowing your story and strategy will not only save you time. Your followers will love to engage with you because they know what you are about and why they should care.

We can help you understand your story and come up with your strategy. Scroll down and have a look at our social media services.

MANAGEMENT – We publish for you

We will  take care that your posts appear at the right time in the right place.
- editorial plan & hashtags research
We make sure your content has the best chance to succeed.
- constant analysis
Stay up to date about how you are doing on Social Media
- detailed monthly reports
We will continue to monitor and improve our strategy

Our Social Media Services

Consultation – We find a strategy that works for you

✔︎ your authentic social media story
✔︎ a strategy that fits your goals
✔︎  a detailed plan that's easy to follow
✔︎ You will always know what to post, when and why.

Content + Management – We become your visual narrators

✔︎ photos, videos, cinemagraphs, text
✔︎ unique content for your campaigns and events
✔︎ editorial calendar
✔︎ scheduling your posts

Mentorship – We go with you every step of the way

✔︎ We answer all of your questions.
✔︎ regular consultations
✔︎ analyzing your progress
✔︎ keep up the motivation

Paid Marketing – We build your Campaigns

✔︎ custom campaigns to support your content
✔︎ achieve your marketing goals on all platforms
✔︎ Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram promotion
✔︎ monthly reports and analyis

Start telling your story on social media today.

Das übernehmen wir für dich


Wir erarbeiten das
Social Media Konzept deines Unternehmens/Produktes, die in Erinnerung bleibt.  


Einmaliger Content, um deinen Geschichten Leben einzuhauchen. Fotos, Cinemagraphs, Videos und Texte.


Wir erstellen einen Redaktionsplan und posten für dich. Auf Wunsch managen wir auch deine Werbekampagnen.

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